Cute things for the classroom!

 I’ve been getting pretty crafty in my room lately, and I just wanted to share my stuff with you guys! Enjoy! :)
My sister gave me some wooden letters that spelled out my name when I graduated from college, and I finally got around to painting them! I didn’t even want to attempt to paint an animal print, but I really like the dots!

 Dowel rods + fuzzy balls = pointers!

Now…. imagine a plain, boring ole clipboard. Now take that, add some animal print paper, mod podge, ribbon and stickers and VOILA! You have a ridiculously adorable clipboard. :) I really want to be better about going around and taking notes on my kids while they are working, so I decided to motivate myself with a decorated clipboard. It was my first time using mod podge, but I think it turned out great!
I am loving seeing everyone’s pictures of their rooms and I will be posting mine as soon as everything is in place!
I have 2 and a half weeks til I go back to school and I am going to *try* to enjoy and not do much more school related. (But let’s face it… I’ll probably be working up at school tomorrow, lol!)

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