Crafty Library Cart

Hello blogger friends! I hope your summer is treating you well.
As I’m sure most of you do too, I am finding lots of summer projects to keep me busy! With no kiddos of my own and my husband in summer school- I’ve got a lot of time to spend in my classroom. Luckily my school allows us to be up there all summer- or I don’t know what I’d do!
Anyway, I have recently acquired a fantabulous {my husband likes to point at that this is not a word- but hey, I still like using it! } library cart.

I am going to be painting/designing it in some way that will go with my safari/jungle theme. I am so excited to have this in my room- I’ve already though of so many uses for it.
{Putting it by my reading group table, using it for our thematic books, math manipulatives…}
I’d love any crafty ideas you might have for making over this piece of fun for my classroom! :)

3 thoughts on “Crafty Library Cart

  1. Not that this is crafty or brilliant.. but what if you make the ends useful by making it into a center area– you could have 1 end be used with magnet letters and the other end could have shower board cut to size (velcro it to the side) and child could write words etc. You could use it during math stations- magnetic #'s and other side- write number sentences. Or– use schedule pocket charts and velcro it to sides. Can be used for multiple things….

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  2. I'm jealous, those carts are SO useful! I love the idea of using magnetic letters that Beth (above) gave!!
    Would you be able to mod podge some fun jungly fabric onto the shelves or shelf backs? Maybe animal prints?

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