Classroom Splurge I just bought a Scotch Thermal Laminator from Target and WOW. It was worth every penny.
I am SO excited to have this! It definitely makes my ♥ happy! :)

My school has a laminator and doesn’t put a limit on it {although it is locked up for the summer}, but it is just really nice to have the ability to laminate my stuff whenever I want! I’ve already used it to laminate some stuff I made last night.

Now, did I actually need that laminator? No. But, it is so worth it and I love it!
{And luckily tomorrow is payday!}

What is something you have for your room that was a bit of a splurge but you just had to have?


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  1. wow….I've thought about getting one too. This last month I purchased a paper cutter and a label maker. I had been wanting them for years, but always felt guilty buying them. Enjoy!!!

  2. It was $26.99 at Target and then 50 pouches for $15. Seriously, it is the best thing I've ever bought for my classroom and I only bought it a few hours ago. Laminator combined with a paper cutter= craft project Heaven! :)

  3. honestly? I bought cubby bookshelves from IKEA so I can have backpacks etc in it's own cubby. I am tired of digging through backpacks, having backpacks on floor, lost sweatshirts… I hope to have this really help keep us organized!

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  4. First, of all…thanks for posting your top 10 Mob Movies. I think I've seen all of those, too! LOL! Now, as for my classroom splurge… my printer/copier. I am always short a copy or two and we are not allowed to use the copier. You have to wait for your "special" day to get copies…etc… but when you need a quick copy or a class set of something, having that copier in the classroom is a godsend. :) But, I've been thinking about a laminator. Hmmmm! I just spent some money at Target…it may have to wait.

  5. I have a laminator …I think it might be the same one! My hubby bought it for me for Christmas one year and I LOVE it! Our laminator at school last year was *always* out of lamination which drove me nuts!

  6. Oh I love that laminator I have the same one … I don't get gifts from students very often, but I had some AWESOME moms this past year and 3 of them chipped in and got me that laminator, a paper cutter and extra paper!!! talk about being SUPER happy! Hope you enjoy yours :)

  7. I now have 2 laminators, one for home and one for school. I got tired of hauling it back and forth. We have a laminator at school too but this laminate is so much thicker and stronger. We made transportation tags for the kids backpacks that lasted most of the year. The school lamination didn't last 2 weeks. So worth it to laminate when you want, especially if there are small pieces.

  8. my biggest splurge this summer has to be my book bins that I found in the Target 1 bin. They are $2.50 each and I got enough for each student plus some for my random needs which came to $50.00 plus dollars. Yall are probally saying that's not bad but it is when you already have bins from last year that you have no clue what to do with. Come check out my blog at

  9. Hey! Quick question about your laminator. I have been dying for one but I need one that items can be cut out. With this one can you laminate a bunch of little pieces all in one sheet and them cut them out? I know with some if you do that the lamination comes apart because it only really seals on the four edges. Which one is this?

    Thank you!!!!

  10. Hi Jenny! This is one awesome because you CAN cut things out after laminating them! Which is a main reason as to why I love it so much because that has happened to me so many times with other laminators. :) I definitely recommend it! Thanks for looking at my page!

    Mrs. Thompson

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