Book Bin Labels for Organizing Your Classroom Library! (Freebie)

I have recently been organizing and labeling all of my books. Two of my teammates from last year retired, so I inherited a LOT of their books! (SCORE!) It has really been a lot of fun (but a lot of work) sorting, labeling, and putting them all into a database. So as a fun and cutesy project (which I LOVE), I decided to make labels for the books I put out for my kiddos. I Googled images for each category and put them all into a table on Word. Then I printed, cut, and glued each one to Safari themed cardstock. Then I laminated it to make sure it was durable.

Now they are ready to be attached with clothespins to my colorful dot baskets from Dollar Tree!

If you like these labels, you can download them for free! If you download this freebie and use it, please leave a comment! :)


7 thoughts on “Book Bin Labels for Organizing Your Classroom Library! (Freebie)

  1. I'm lovin' your stuff here! I'm new to the blogging world so you will have to excuse my enthusiasm! I am looking to do new bins this year and was wondering if the bins you have pictured are available somewhere right now? I am so frustrated looking for bins and how expensive they can be! Looking for something cute and somewhat cheap!
    Here is my blog! And I'd love to know what you do for your bins!

  2. Hi Heather! Welcome to blogging… you will soon be addicted! :) Thanks so much for leaving me a comment- they make me happy!!
    The bins I have are at Dollar Tree. You can go to your local Dollar Tree and see if they have any there OR go to the website and you can order anything from there AND have it shipped to the store for free.
    I have not put the labels on my baskets yet, I will do that closer to when school starts.
    I have all of my books labeled and separated in dishwasher tubs and then I will put out some of my books for my firsties to have access to during the year. They don't have access to all of my books all of the time.
    I will definitely take pictures the next time I am up at my school so that you can see how I do it. :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Mrs. Thompson

  3. Morning! I just stumbled upon your blog…it's great! Thank you for the labels freebie…super cute! I was wondering if you had the leveled labels that are pictured also? Those are so cute and colorful. Would love to add them to my library. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for the free book basket labels! I am so excited to start organizing our books!
    I also love your organization ideas!

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