Spring Break update and What Teachers Make

Wow! I haven’t posted anything in a long while! I am very sorry to all of my followers- but thank you all SO much for sticking around :) The week of Open House was amazingly CRAZY! I stayed up at school til about 7pm each night and still didn’t get everything done I needed to.

My first Open House ever went very well. I had quite a few parents that didn’t realize I was a first year teacher- and that felt GREAT! My room looked so cute- I will post pictures tomorrow because alas, I will be going up to school over Spring Break.

I’ve really enjoyed all of the great ideas I have seen going on around here and I hope I can contribute something useful in the next few weeks.

For my Spring Break I will just be hanging around town, getting some quality time with my husband, and maybe a little bit of spring cleaning.

Everyone have a wonderful week! :)

What are your Spring Break plans?

Here is a great video that some of you might enjoy! I love it!



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