V-day Art, Writing, and Reading

Here is a cute art activity I did with my kids today for them to take home to their parents. A little late, but the snow days totally threw everything off. I don’t think parents will mind! :)

I decided we would just celebrate Valentine’s Day all week, so today we brainstormed what love is and how you can show it and put it all into a heart themed thinking map. The kids loved it and they are just too sweet!

Here is the writing they did to tell what they think love means:

“I think love means to be nice by saying nice words with nice feelings. Making new friends so no one feels lonely.”

“I think love means to care about people and to help.”

“I think love means to say nice things to each other. And making new friends.”

“I think love means showing respect and saying I love you to your Mom and Dad.”

Yesterday we read the book “Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink!” and we made a story map on a heart cut out of butcher paper.

What are some other cute Valentine themed literacy activities you’ve been doing or plan to do next year?

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