Presidents’ Day Thinking Map and Writing/Art Activity

Today for Presidents’ Day I read the book Young George Washington.

After reading, we made a thinking map about all of the facts they learned about our first president.

Next, each student traced the hat onto red, blue, and white paper. On each of the pieces they wrote one fact from the thinking map. We stapled them together and now they will wear them around for the rest of the week. Easy and cute!

Here is a picture of the template for the hat. I freehanded it by looking at someone else’s.

I hope your students enjoy this engaging activity about our 1st president!


3 thoughts on “Presidents’ Day Thinking Map and Writing/Art Activity

  1. This activity is good in so many ways. My favorite part is the large writing on the hats and wearing them all week. Your students are reading each others hats all week. They will be reading the moving information on each other's heads all week. The president facts will be stuck in their heads forever.

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