Here goes nothin’…

Welcome to my blog! If you are reading this… THANK YOU!

After my third day of being snowed/iced in, I have decided to join the world of blogging. In the past few weeks I have gotten SO many wonderful ideas, I figure that if I can help ONE person with something I do in my classroom- then it is worth it! :)

Have you heard of ‘Fancy Flowers’?

As you can see, you post a frequently used word in the middle, and then put synonyms on the petals. This took me about 20 minutes to make all 4, and they are so darn cute!

Also, here is a chunk caterpillar. I also got this from a friend. Super easy! I used a bowl to trace the circles.

I will be putting both of these by my Writing Table.

Lordy, have I mentioned how much I am missing my babies and my classroom? Day #4 of being out of school tomorrow, and I am READY to get to school and show them everything I’ve been working on!
Lastly, here is a cartoon that I’m sure the rest of the Texans out there will appreciate!


3 thoughts on “Here goes nothin’…

  1. Mrs. Fine- yes it is finally starting to melt, so I hope to venture out today without needing my husband to drive! Thanks for reading!

    Kathy- I made them by hand but it was super easy! I'm not very artistic- but I must say I'm very proud of these two projects. I free handed a stencil for the flowers and just used the stencil for each piece. For the caterpillar, I used a bowl to trace the circle. I got about 3-4 sheets of paper and stapled them together, and then cut out only one trace so that it didn't take as long. Let me know if that doesn't make sense! :)

    Thanks for reading!

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